Residential Home Staging

Metro-Atlanta Area

A well-staged home can often mean the difference between a quick sale and a long stay on the market. Whether it is through the thoughtful arrangement of existing furnishings or a comprehensive design strategy, Taylor offers his talents and expertise to give your listing the sublime feeling of "home" that attracts potential buyers.

Empty properties can be difficult to show, as they require imaginative buyers to picture themselves living in the space. Creative staging can eliminate this issue by highlighting a property's features and providing visual cues to the use of different rooms. With an extensive collection of furnishings, Taylor is able to stage properties of many sizes, while appealing to a wide range of tastes.

Listings that have been vacated run the risk of maintenance issues going unnoticed for long periods of time. In some cases, issues that require immediate attention are not found until the next showing - or worse - a buyer's final home inspection. As an experienced Residential Manager, Taylor is able to care for properties, providing continuous maintenance and ensuring that listings are show-ready at a moment's notice.

In addition to staging and caretaking, Taylor offers photography services to show listings in the best light. Online and print publications often make the first impression to buyers, and high quality images are key to creating interest in a property.

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Services Provided:
  • Staging Consultation
  • Furnishing Strategies
  • Home Caretaking
  • Listing Photography