3D Print Lab

Atlanta, GA | tvsdesign

While 3D renderings have become the standard for exploring architectural spaces and presenting ideas to peers and clients, 3D printing is rapidly changing the way designs are being developed and shared. Recognizing this trend toward a more tactile workflow, Taylor cofounded the 3D printing lab at tvsdesign in late 2013.

Currently, with five MakerBot printers, the "Bot Cave" is capable of producing numerous 3D prints at varying scales and levels of detail. Working closely with other project teams in the firm, Taylor is able to translate digital models from a variety of sources into a fully printable object.

From dozens of small, mass models to entire, fully detailed building fa├žades, Taylor is constantly pushing the technology to its limits. With each project, valuable information on best practices is recorded and, through a training program in the office, shared with others for the continued refinement and success of digital-physical model making.

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